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The plus side of having a small wedding

The answer to all your problems

Often weddings become popularity contests and a case of ‘how many Tom, Dick and Harry’s can I get in one room to have their eyes on me?’ Quite often the meaning of the wedding can end up getting lost in the pressure of having such a big crowd to please. There is definitely something special about having a smaller, more intimate wedding and we’re going to tell you why.

You share an intimate moment with those you love the most

We are sure when you first sit down with your partner to plan your guest list that you both shock yourselves on how many friends you forgot you had. However, as you cut out those you’re inviting to be polite, those you’re inviting out of guilt because they never have office stories to tell and those you’re inviting because they invited you to their wedding then we can predict that list will have at least halved. Those who receive an invite should all be someone that each mean something to you or your partner, would it truly affect you if they weren't there to witness your moment? If the answer is no, cross them off.

Once you’ve got through this harsh, yes, but effective elimination process then you should be left with those dearest to you who will make your day special. As many forget; this is your day, not your day to please others.

You get to spend more of your wedding day with your partner-to-be

Larger weddings leave the bride and groom a lot of obligation to wander, people please and become lost in the crowd of guests; all of whom want to generically congratulate you on such a beautiful ceremony, dress or venue. The more time spent doing this the less time you get to spend in your love bubble, yes your love bubble. Your wedding day is your day of complete and utter bliss and smaller weddings allow you the relaxation of sitting back and becoming completely overtook by the wave of love that fills the room. This is much better than bringing out your slightly faker smiles for your work friend’s sister’s boyfriend and things getting a little awkward because you can’t sit your Great Auntie Sue next to your Great Uncle Chris because their divorce is almost finalised.

You could even have extra celebrations

Having a smaller wedding may leave some people with their noses a bit pushed out when they don’t make the final cut. If this is what you and your partner worry about then we have a solution: a post-wedding party. Keep your wedding day for those close to you and who you love, but put together a get together for everyone else to attend. This becomes a win-win, because not only do you get your day to yourselves, you also get to drag out your celebrations for a bit longer and everyone loves another excuse to get all dressed up again. You could even get the wedding dress on for one more time and show them what they really missed that day.

You could have a luxury honeymoon

Ultimately, a smaller wedding means a cheaper wedding. Having to cater for less, entertain less and book a smaller venue will all leave a bit more money in your pocket. For some, this could mean more money in your joint savings for that house you have your eyes on, for others, this could mean the ultimate escape honeymoon to that location you’ve both dreamed of travelling to together…which is never a bad thing!

Have an abroad wedding!

Or you could even have your wedding in that dream location. Is there anything more romantic than you, the one you love and the family that adore you gathered together somewhere beautiful? We think not.

It doesn’t have to be a cheaper wedding

If cost or budget really isn’t a reasoning behind your smaller wedding then that doesn’t mean it’s still not the best option for you; it means you can spend your money on quality rather than quantity. You will have more venue options, you could really treat your guests to a luxurious 3 course meal, or you could get that band for the reception that seemed just that bit out of your price range. You could spend more on a photographer to capture the moments shared by all of your closest family members throughout the whole day. It really does give you that bit of extra financial room to splash some cash on what you really want to spend it on and you know the people you’re spending this money for are those you love, making it a bit easier to hand the money over.

Don’t get us wrong, we completely see the appeal in a big wedding; the build up, the excitement, showing your love off to everyone in both of your worlds… but it isn’t for everyone. Weddings are stressful, no matter what the size, and smaller weddings give the happy couple a little less to worry about and a bit more time and money to themselves.

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