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Top 5 Churches to get married

in Manchester

The dream wedding usually consists of the fairy-tale partner, fairy-tale dress and the fairy-tale setting so we’ve put together a short guide for all the Mancunian couples who are searching to cross the latter off their list and are heading down the traditional wedding route.

5. Parish of St Mark, Worsley Brow, Worsley, M28 2WH

The gothic sandstone architecture, accompanied by the traditional style spire and surrounded by the memorial churchyard makes St Mark’s a classical wedding backdrop for your professional photographs. Located in Worsley, Greater Manchester and dating back to the 1840’s the church exudes tradition and becomes the something old to your something new, borrowed and blue.

The church will hold your Saturday ceremony, playing the wedding march on the organ, allowing you 2/3 hymns of your choice  and will even ring their bells to let everyone join in celebration of your commitment to each other.

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4. Cross Street Church, Cross Street, M2 1NL

This Unitarian church gives you  and your partner the best of both worlds. The classical elements give you the comfort of a typical church setting but with the pews surrounding the altar in a circular way it ensures that the spotlight is on the two of you and that your day as centre of attention begins ASAP.  The Unitarian faith is one that welcomes all variations of faith and Cross Street is there with their arms wide open to welcome all. They also believe that, like your faith, your wedding day is unique and personal to you so they don’t have a generic wedding structure, they allow you to be there to make the choices that fit. This is a church that gives classic a new twist and puts you and your partner in the driving seat of your own plans. The Unitarian faith believes that marriage should be available to all and so they really are an all-inclusive style church allowing themselves to be the venue for anyone and everyone’s special day.

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3. Manchester Cathedral, Victoria Street, M3 1SX

The Cathedral will set your wedding at the heart of Manchester itself. The building was brutally affected during the war and many years have been dedicated to restoring it back to its height of architecture. Much of this effort was put to the beautiful stain glass windows that fill the church; 2 taking you on a journey from The Creation to The Apocalypse whilst another bewilders worshippers into the hues of red and orange of The Fire Window. These modern day versions of classical pieces of art will add a different facet of beauty to your wedding and will compliment any colour scheme. With these extraordinary colours set against the building’s large, sandstone walls an old-style beauty shines out and becomes a slightly perception of a ‘traditional’ wedding location.

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2. St Ann’s Church, St Ann’s Street, M2 7LF

St Ann’s is another setting that puts your day of love in the heart of Manchester, but on a smaller more personal scale. The church gives visitors a peaceful escape from the hustle of our beloved city reminding us it was built at the beginning of the 18th Century. This was when Manchester was still a small, rural town and something about St Ann’s quiescent atmosphere will take your guests back to these simpler times, making them one with Manchester’s history in celebration of you and your partners new embarkment into the future.

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1. Monastery of St Francis & Gordon Trust, Gorton Lane, M12 5WF

‘Manchester’s Taj Mahal’ is number one on our list because, as a bride, it gives you and your partner the full package. The church is large enough to hold both your ceremony and your reception and as it is able to house from 85 to 450 guests, it really is a location for all. The building itself is Grade II listed, which has only been allocated to 6% of the listed buildings in the country, and makes the church unique.

The Monastery will dress the venue to fit with your wedding’s theme and can even make the event the real VIP deal it is and put out their red carpet for you. The church offer out their own services to customise your wedding with a choice of 12 different vintage cars to hire in pairs  paired with uniformed drivers. Every extra that the church offers adds to a classier, more luxurious wedding day and takes their role as a venue above and beyond.

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