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Wedding Talk

We bet you didn't know this

about your wedding traditions

There’s a number of wedding traditions that brides find themselves including in their wedding plans in order to fit in with the classic structures of a wedding, when really if they’re all honest most of them won’t even know why. We’ve got a few answers here which mainly revolve around luck and demons… the obvious two things all modern day brides stress themselves over!

The reason proposals are done on one knee

Most brides probably get that excited once they see their partner getting down on one knee it’s never crossed their mind to wonder why that’s what they’re expected to do. It actually comes from the medieval times when knights would bow down, on one knee, to their Lords as a sign of respect to them. It only seem natural, then, that when committing his life to his partner a man should do the same thing to his woman. So it seems you have truly found your knight in shining armour ladies!

Not seeing the bride before the wedding

This superstition originates from when arranged marriages were more like family business deals. Marriages would be arranged by parents who would strive to get their daughters married to prosperous, rich men. However, they had little faith in their daughters looks - which is why they wouldn’t allow them to see each other prior to the wedding day, they were concerned that their looks would scare the man off.

The Bride’s Veil

There’s a few suggested reasons behind the need for a veil, but the main one seems to be to protect the bride from evil spirits. This originated in Rome where the brides would wear a big red veil to make them look like they were on fire. The Romans believed that when the evil spirits saw this they would be warded off with fear. The appearance of the veil altered with time and interpretation all believed to be used to confuse the spirits so that they wouldn’t be able to figure out who the bride was.

The throwing of the bride’s bouquet

In England, back in the day, it was seen as good luck to try and grab a piece of the bride because they were considered ‘the chosen ones’ who were special enough to not have to spend their lives alone. Obviously, this caused some problems for the brides who were somewhat mobbed of their luck by a crowd of women on their wedding day. To avoid ruining their dresses, and getting hurt, brides began to throw their bouquets to get people off them and distract their attention… and it worked.

Why do we need something old, new, borrowed and blue?

This was initially an old English rhyme from around 1883 that demonstrated what a bride should be wearing to her wedding for maximum luck. It previously ended in ‘sixpence in her shoe.’ Each item was thought to bring good luck to the bride, something old was for protection from her family for a baby to come, something new was for good fortune for her new life, the something borrowed was meant to bring luck from a previous bride, the blue represented the commitment to the groom and the sixpence was a sign of prosperity that kept evil away.

Wedding Favours

This tradition comes from the French Aristocracy, centuries ago, who would present their guests with small jewel boxes, ‘bonbonnieres,’ that would contain sweets in them. This was done because it was believed that sugar had health and healing properties. As the price of sugar fell it meant that wedding parties could grow. Don’t forget to buy your modern day wedding favours from Itsy.

Carrying the bride over the threshold

The threshold was believed to be where unattached evil spirits would wait to intrude the minds of those who lived in the house. Innocent brides were thought too weak to face these spirits themselves so her husband would carry her over the threshold in order to protect her.

So, yes, most of the traditions we strive to keep going were made on the faith that demons were real and unintelligent and that most of the women getting married weren’t front of the queue for their looks. Thankfully, most people carry these traditions out to keep a classical feel for their wedding, not to insult the bride!

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