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Wedding Talk

Getting your wedding day just right

The most important parts of planning

Your partner recently set his nerves aside, got down on one knee, drew out a ring and popped the question. The excitement of being engaged has been a  beautifully fulfilling feeling that you never expected, except now, the panic and realisation that you will have to actually start planning your wedding is beginning to hit hard and you don’t even know where to start. Luckily, we’ve broke down the main points to wedding planning that you need to get your head around into step by step thoughts:

The Wedding Budget

Weddings can be very soon become pricey, just as it is on most shopping trips, it becomes very easy to let each and every pretty ‘necessity’ that catches your eye be thrown into your basket. Which is why we advise to set your budget before you start anything else. If you know how much you’ve got to work with, then you’ll (hesitantly, I’m sure) still avoid looking too up market and only stick to what you can afford. But, ultimately, this is when you decide whether you are going to have a big wedding or a smaller, more intimate one (for help on deciding if a smaller wedding is best for you see our blog Why Having a Small Wedding Might Be The Answer To All Your Problems.)

The Guest-list

Possibly one of the biggest, most stressful tasks you will have tackled as a couple so far; deciding who will and won’t be attending your big day. You will soon be able to see that your budget will help you decide how many you can allow on your guest-list but, unfortunately, this won’t decide the specifics of who will be left off the list… that’s down to the two of you.


Other things to consider when you make this list is your seating plan - you will, eventually, have to organise who can sit where and if your guest list is a bunch of people who don't know each other, or if theres a lot of family rifts, these are definitely things to keep in mind.


This may be where your mind goes completely blank. Deciding the colour theme can be difficult, especially so far in advance of your wedding day. Key things we suggest you should think about would be: the time of year i.e. should you be looking at pastel spring colours or bold winter ones, your bridesmaids as they are the ones who are going to have to wear the colour as their dress, so does it suit them? Then finally, flowers, as they will need to compliment your scheme.

The theme, be it traditional, contemporary or vintage will make other decisions much easier, such as, choosing your mode of transport to the ceremony, choosing your wedding favours and deciding what decorations you need to deck your venues out with.  These starting points should definitely allow you to take a deep breath, step back and calmly begin your planning. It’s certainly daunting but all becomes worth it when your wedding day runs as beautifully and smoothly as you initially imagine it.

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