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Should you get married outdoors?

Things to consider

When you are planning your wedding, choosing the perfect venue is one of the biggest choices facing a bride and groom. How it looks, where it is and how many people it can fit are all factors that need to be considered when picking the venue for you special day.

As the summer comes around though, you may be considering holding your wedding outside to make the most of the fleeting British summertime. There are many pros and cons to getting married outside; let’s consider some:

The Weather
The weather in the UK is renowned for its unpredictability, especially in the summer. Our summer is relatively short lived and the good weather can start anytime from May and carry on into September and even early October. But this does not mean we have 5months of sunshine and warm temperatures. During those months the weather can chop and change from glorious sunshine to torrential downpour, storms and back to sunshine again- all in the same day! The weather has the potential to ruin any outdoor wedding and is the main thing you will need to consider when debating whether or not to get married outside.

If you get good weather however, the British summer is one of the most beautiful. With the abundance of flowers and trees decorating Britain’s countryside, an outdoor wedding can have a simply divine backdrop if held outside. And let’s face it, we Brits have a fantastic attitude to the weather, we can make almost anything work around it. Hiring a marquee for your wedding will give you an inside option if the heavens should decide to open. The addition of willies and umbrellas to your wedding photographs will definitely make them unique and original, that's for sure.

Party Size
Another bonus of an outdoor wedding is you will not be as restricted with the number of guests you invite, as you might be when considering an indoor venue. Outdoor weddings have the possibility of being able to cater for a much larger number or guests who will not all need to squeeze into one room. You can also hire large marquees in a range of sizes to cater for whatever size wedding party you are considering.

Outdoor weddings can also be intimate and personal. By choosing a small, secluded area, your wedding can have a close, romantic and even secret feel about it. The variety of settings around Britain can offer much more with their natural beauty and elegance than any hall or hotel.

With an outdoor wedding, half of your venue decoration is already done for you. You can use the nature that surrounds your wedding to hang lanterns, fairy lights and other decorations from to really bring your whole venue together. The possibilities are endless with an outdoor wedding, as you are not restricted by room size.

An outdoor wedding can be personalised to suit your wedding party size, décor and own personal tastes. They can be perfect, as long as you are prepared for any possible change in the weather forecast!

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