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Getting Married On A Budget

The ultimate Guide

Weddings can quickly become very expensive as you total up the cost of the venue, food, dress, suits, cake, decorations, flowers, reception drinks, and favours. In truth, the list of things you want for your wedding can go on and one and quickly increase the overall cost of your special day.

Start Early
While you may want to celebrate your engagement with your friends and family (and maybe even shout it from the nearest rooftop) holding an engagement party can be a cost you simply can’t afford. Instead save the money you would spend on a party and put it towards the wedding fund, as you will need it later. If you want to celebrate with your friends and family maybe go out for a nice meal or have them over to your house for dinner and a few celebratory drinks. You can always make up a banner if you really want the rest of the town to know too!

Your invites are a good place to save some money if you are working with a budget. Companies can charge into the hundreds for good quality invites. But you can save on this cost by making your own invites. Making your own invites is much more personal and your guests will love receiving them. Get your bridesmaids to help you if you have a lot of invites to do, they are there to help you after all. It is also a fab excuse to get the girls (or guys) around for a good chinwag as you make your invites.

Hand-Make Everything!
You can hand make quite a lot of things for your wedding to help you save on costs. Handmade table decorations, centrepieces and wedding favours can save you quite a lot of money when it is all added up. It will also add that wonderful personal touch to your wedding, making it all the more unique. Again, ask you bridesmaids or groomsmen to lend a hand making bits and bobs, if they are good friends then they will be more than willing to help out. If you have a friend who is good at baking, ask them nicely to make your wedding cake for you. They will be honoured to be asked and it will often cost you a lot less than a bakery-bought cake.

The Dress
The prices of wedding dresses range from anywhere in the hundreds, to thousands of pounds. When working on a budget you need to make sure you don’t go mad when choosing your dress. Shop around to find a good deal and have a look though the display rails, as these dresses are often a little cheaper. Vintage and charity shops are good places to find a beautiful old-fashioned dress that can save money. You can always have it altered to suit your taste after you buy it.

Organising a wedding on a budget is doable as long as you plan ahead. Invite only those who mean the most to you, as you don’t want to be paying for people to be at your wedding that you don’t really know or care about. Ban children if necessary and serve afternoon tea instead of a full sit-down meal to make your wedding a little different while also saving money.

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